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Who is Panthera?

Panthera is a group of highly qualified and extremely success-oriented people working to realize our vision and mission of consolidating the US senior living industry. 

The Vision

Our vision is to bring order to a chaotic and fragmented industry through consolidation and in the process build a better company for employees, residents, shareholders, and the local community. ​


Our Objectives

We aim to provide existing senior living companies with industry-leading practices and synergy through enhanced growth and profitability. We aim to do this through acquiring all or parts of already established facilities. Our prime focus is assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Our chief aim is to become the market leader in all markets we pursue. 


Through professional aggregate management and synergy from local market dominance and buying power, we aim to better utilize current assets and ultimately provide better care and more profitable facilities. The most serious and well-managed facilities see us as a liable partner in growth because of who we are and what we stand for in our respective communities. 


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