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Our Approach

Our approach to accomplish our mission and vision is to acquire or partner up with already well established companies. We look to get in touch with you as the principal of your organization. Our preferred method of acquisition is through a majority recapitalization where you as a seller get to participate in the upside while at the same time take money out and reduce risk. In almost all cases a great business will be valued higher as part of a larger organization because of scale, lower risk and higher liquidity. 

Are you ready for the next step? Schedule a call now to explore further options.

Thinking of downsizing?

Very few owners of small and midsize companies in the industry have any plan of succession for the business. Most owner-operated businesses never sell when they are put on the open market. Left with few options when the time to focus on other things comes along, downsizing or closing the business to fit the new lifestyle becomes the only choice left. Many years of building most often for nothing. If you feel this might be you some day we strongly encourage you to reach out to explore a different solution. Like you, we want to see your life work blossom in the years to come. Schedule a call for an introductory conversation. 

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