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Thank you for showing interest in our inquiry. As briefly mentioned we are principals (not business brokers) with adequate capital and financing, interested in acquiring your senior living business located within the Florida area. Our preference is for a company that supply the needs of most senior living services, however, we are flexible and will consider other opportunities. We’re prepared to close very quickly on the right situation.

Please understand as we experience rapid growth, we’ll need succesful business people to become our future partners and associates in building this company to the great height we anticipate to attain. So, if you have no intention of retiring, thats great! You could have the opportunity to become a big part of what promises to be an excited and rewarding future.

If you have an interest in divesting, please call at your earliest convinience. You have our assurance that all matters will be held in strictest confidence. We enclose our number in the event you have no present interest in divesting.. Of course, we would greatly appreciate your directing this letter to any of our colleagues within the field whose business may be on the market. 



Snorre Eliassen

Founding Pricipal

Panthera Senior Living

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