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Is your community missing a CAN DO attitude? Do you feel great healthcare is not available if a loved one gets ill? How about the education available for yourself and your children? Not to mention the outlook for financial stability around you?

The US is a country that shines from many angles. The country celebrates and accepts diversity with more than 200 different nationalities. The education system is world-class, and the US currency is viewed as a safe harbor, a sign of stability and respect for the US financial system. 

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With such benefits, it is easy to see why the US won’t let anyone in. An E2/EB5 investment can be a great pathway to the US. The process can be lengthy and presents a lot of difficult hurdles you have to jump through. Members of our team have gone through many of the same challenges you face. If you are interested in a clear path to E2/EB5 Visa keep reading.

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Panthera Senior Living is an acquisition-oriented holding company. We invest in senior care companies throughout the US. The demand for senior care and senior living services will become a $2 Trillion-dollar industry in the next decade. Investing in one of Panthera's projects you have a world-class team at your back to guide you through the business- and operating process. We have deals available for investment and we also evaluate deals brought to us by E2 investors.

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An E2 visa is a great way to gain entry into the US. It approves relatively quickly, in some cases 60 days or less. It enables the applicant to live in the US. Children can attend school for free and spouses can work anywhere in the US without restrictions. Unlike the EB5-Visa a much lower investment is needed, typically $200,000 or more


We view honesty and work ethic as the most important virtues. We only consider hard-working individuals to co-invest and become part of our ventures. As a hardworking individual you can create a better life and wealth in the US for yourself and your family through results we’ll help you achieve. 

We acquire existing companies, which have been in business for several years and have financial statements. This facilitates visa approval. As our partner, you will be managing one of these companies and be paid compensation for your services from the first month. Well-managed properties are likely to recover the investment in 3-5 years.

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What we ask of our partners is the willingness to work full-time to manage the location, in exchange for market-based monthly compensation. Each location requires an investment of at least $200,000, which is likely to be enough to meet the visa requirement. Partners can operate up to 10 locations at the time.


If you are serious about creating a new life for yourself and your family in the US. Take the first step in the right direction. Fill out the form on the right and we’ll get the ball rolling

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None of the information on this page is intended to be a request to invest and the material shown on this page has not been reviewed by an attorney

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