Panthera Senior Living 

We partner and invest with successful senior living companies

Who is Panthera?

Panthera senior living is an investment group of highly qualified and extremely success-oriented people working to realize our vision and mission in the senior living industry. We are principals, not Franchisors, Private Equity, or other parties acting on behalf of outside investors. Our vision is to bring order to a chaotic and fragmented industry through consolidation and in the process continue to build upon already great companies for the benefit of employees, residents, shareholders, and the local community. The most serious and well-managed firms see us as a liable partner in growth because of who we are and what we stand for in our respective communities. With more than 200 years of combined experience and over $10 billion in combined transactions from both inside and outside the senior living industry, Panthera can provide the third leg of growth your company needs to get to the next level.

Flexible deal structure

Panthera looks to acquire stakes in senior living companies throughout the mainland US. We usually end up finding dealstructures that suits your personal goals as well as supporting your overall vision for the company. 

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Our investment, your legacy

By partnering or selling to Panthera you have a passionate group of people working hard every day to enhance the legacy of your business. Our approach is tailored to support and build upon your existing company management. Retention of personnel and internal development is one of our key operational principles. 

A team to support your goals

By partnering with Panthera you get access to a team with tremendous experience in leadership, sales and marketing, operations, and M&A. By becoming a part of our network you get to have back-office-oriented tasks handled, freeing up time to focus on the core business and value-creating endeavors.